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Personal Training for Eating Disorder Recovery

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Personal training for eating disorder recovery is very specific to what eating disorder you are recovering from and where you are in your recovery.  I will work and communicate with you to keep your recovery on the strongest path.

Let me help you discover your strength and balance in the recovery process. If you have struggled with an eating disorder, you know working out can both be a great tool and a detriment to your recovery. I will help you find balance and acceptance though our personal training sessions.

Here is what you can expect for personal training for eating disorder recovery:

  • One-on-one initial consultation
  • Weekly workout plan
  • Specific goal setting for physical and mental change
  • Personalized and progressive workout plans
  • SMART goal setting
  • Weekly calls and check ins on demand
  • Specific workout plan based on eating disorder treatment level

IF you have a treatment team:

  • Treatment team approved workouts
  • Open communication between client and treatment team
  • Goal- specific and therapist/nutritionist approved workouts