I had to share this article written by Sydney te Wildt as she speaks the truth about highly “liked” transformation photo. Please take a moment to read:

The Problematic Nature of Eating Disorder Recovery Transformation Photos

Every #transformationtuesday and #throwbackthursday I am bombarded with before and after photos. I understand the want to post these, as I have posted my own transformation photo. When I see a photo of someones sick body it creates a perception of what sickness looks like. I personally never “looked” sick but yet found myself in the hospital in a near death situation. My mindset when I was sick was that I was never skinny enough, therefore I am not sick. Fact is that, heart attacks, kidney failure, liver failure, and many of the physical problems cause by eating disorders are not visible on the surface level. Many people turn to eating disorders to cope with underlining emotional or mental problems (the deep dark secrets).  Similarly, the bodies response to eating disorder behavior creates its own set of deep dark secretes…

It’s time for a shift. I would much rather see what you are doing in life with your healthy body. I rather see a photo of you happy on a walk, enjoying a meal out, or being able to give your child a piggy-back-ride. I want to see all the beautiful things you are capable of now that you have recovered from your eating disorder. To me the beauty of recovery is not a comparison game between your sick self and healthy self,  its living life with out self-judgment.