Here it is, my very first blog post! The pressure to write something captivating is creating a little anxiety so I am going to start by explaining who I am and what I do. First off, welcome! If you have been following me on instagram thank you for supporting me it is greatly appreciated.

My name is Andrea and I will tell you right now my grammar is not best… I told myself for years I would never write because I struggle with dyslexia and writing is a challenge. BUT I am doing it!

fullsizerenderSo lets get right to it (#realtalk) for most of my life I struggled with an eating disorder. My negative body image started in the 6th grade and by the 7th grade I started to diet. Slowly it progressed into excessive exercise and by high school I settled deep into my sickness. I was sent to inpatient treatment 3 times in high school and hated every moment of it. I knew exactly what to do to get out of there and also what to do to bring me right back. I knew how to play the game and I was good at it. I remember the head doctor at the inpatient facility told me, “Don’t bother applying to colleges because you will be back here.” That was the best thing he could have ever told me.

What did I do? I got healthy enough to tell him a big fuck you (oh yeah I use bad language too…) sent him my acceptance letter saying I was going to the University of Denver. I went to college and left some of my emotional baggage back in New Jersey and took what I learned in treatment to survive the next four years. I was always active in my eating disorder during college but allowed myself to stay “healthy” enough to stay afloat. All of this changed in 2010 when my father passed away from cancer. I could not handle the grief and I turned to my eating disorder for comfort. In 2011, I ended up in the hospital but this time I was in a coma for a week. My near death experience changed everything for me.

Since that day I have put all of my energy and time into my recovery and now I serve to help others. Every year since 2011 has been a learning experience. I am here to talk about my personal experiences with treatment, recovery, fitness, and the reality of it all and how to find balance. So cheers to life and lets have some REAL conversations.